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Since 1980, Peter Schloss has provided a broad variety of litigation and legal services to his clients. In 2005 he came to the conclusion that his rapidly expanding Mediation practice was incompatible with the scheduling challenges of trial work. Since that time he has focused his efforts toward providing Mediation services. Pete retired from the practice of law in 2015, but continues his work as a Mediator.

 Pete will be available on a limited basis to conduct Mediations by special arrangement. To inquire about his availability email Pete at


Peter M. Schloss previously shared offices with attorneys who are engaged in conventional litigation practice. One of these attorneys is Pete's son, Peter W. Schloss. As attorneys, Father and Son are not partners or affiliated in the practice of law. Should your legal needs include litigation services, do not hesitate to contact Peter W. Schloss or one of the other attorneys at 104 W. Kansas, Liberty, Missouri, (816) 792-4242.